Happiness of Pursuit

I heard the phrase happiness of pursuit on the radio and it caused me to pause. I think that everyone probably gets caught up in striving for accomplishments and ignoring the journey on the way to those accomplishments. I’m currently working on my doctorate in curriculum and instruction and am taking my final semester of classes now. Recently I’ve been feeling that I can’t wait for my coursework to be over so I can move on. But as I heard this phrase today of the happiness of pursuit it made me think that soon, I’ll probably never be a student in a classroom again. And despite the long drives to class, endless hours sitting in a seat, and sometimes being bored, I genuinely enjoy being a student. I am going to try my best to enjoy this final semester and be happy while I pursue my degree.

Teachers can also probably take a lot from this idea of the happiness of pursuit. As a teacher at any level its very easy to become unsatisfied with some aspect of the job. Some teachers I know are waiting for retirement. Others are waiting for another position or career. Regardless of where we are or where we want to go, we should try our best to be happy where we are while we’re there for the sake of our students. All educators owe students their best from the first day they enter a classroom to the last. After all, every student is in pursuit of their dreams as well. Let us learn to enjoy the journey to wherever we may be traveling.

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