Because we care

Trust and care are demonstrated, not said. Almost anyone can say that they care about someone else. However, there’s a very far space between someone saying it’s true and having the other person feel that it’s true. Research tells us that most teachers say that they care about their students and believe that their students know that they care about them. But that same research also tells us that the students do not indicate that their teachers care about them. There’s a disconnect that can only be explained through actions.

To care about a student is to show them that they are cared about. You can tell them that you care but those words are just words. Care must be demonstrated every day for every student. Today, I boy came into my room during second period and asked me for snacks because he was really hungry. This was the third time that he had asked me for something to eat. The first two times I told him I was sorry because I didn’t have anything. After the third time which was today, I guess I finally realized that this boy has hungry and needed to be fed. I called to the cafeteria and then sked them to make up a bag of food for him. I then left my class, walked to the cafeteria, and got the bag for him and delivered it. This little example of something that just happened today is so small and seams so insignificant. However, I bet that boy knows I care about him because I did that. And, I bet I took one more step toward establishing a positive relationship with him.

Most of the time demonstrating care is just doing the right thing. But we must actively demonstrate care each chance that we get for our students to feel it and then benefit from it.

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