Maverick Teaching

The term Maverick has an interesting ring to it. A Maverick is simply defined as an individual who does not go along with the group. So why am I focused here on the term Maverick Teaching? This is a concept that I’ve been thinking about for some time and practicing in one form or another for over 20 years. A Maverick Teacher recognizes that the system in which they function is flawed and sets out to do their best for students and the system from within. If this sounds familiar to what you’ve done or thought about doing at any point in your education career then it’s safe to continue. But if you believe the system in which you’re currently functioning is working best for your students and puts you in the position to do what you’ve been called to do then it’s best to stop here and focus on something else. Because without an understanding that the education system is flawed and individuals from within are necessary to drive real change for real students right now future focus on this concept is mainly irrelevant.

It’s counterintuitive and perhaps dangerous for anyone within a system to say that the system is flawed and set out to change it from within. However, I’ve come to the belief that if Mavericks from within the system are not able to unite and work collectively for change then no change will occur. The system will not change from the top down because there is no motivation from the top to change. But there exists a collective group of educators from across the country who recognize that something different is drastically needed and who have been working their entire lives to realize that different and better system not for themselves but for the students who they serve.

So the concept of the Maverick Teacher will evolve here as I work to define what Mavericks in education do and can do in the future to build a system that works for each individual student and realizes the power of education. Future posts will begin to outline and define the concept as I hope to assist like-minded individuals in their own professional and personal journeys to make a difference.

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