Academic Mentoring

NCAA Eligibility 

All college recruiting begins with the academic ability and character of the student-athlete.  Many athletes and families are simply not well informed on the academic requirements of the NCAA.  Additionally, some athletes may find themselves in a position where their academic edibility is in question.  We are fully prepared to mentor student-athletes through the academic requirements set forth by the NCAA and to work with individual schools and school districts to ensure full qualification.

​​The earlier an athlete becomes aware of the academic requirements set forth by the NCAA, the better off they are.  However, if an individual finds him or herself in danger of not being an academic qualifier, we are able to work with the student and school to help ensure everything possible is done to correct the problems that exist and achieve success.  We are equipped with substantial knowledge of the edibility requirements and how best to work with individuals to ensure they meet those requirements.

In Need of Help

High school student-athletes may find themselves in danger of not being a full NCAA academic qualifier for one of three reasons:

  1. Insufficient number of qualifying NCAA approved courses

  2. Insufficient GPA

  3. Insufficient Test Scores

The Academic Mentorship Plan

  1. Evaluate the student-athletes current academic transcript and/or standardized test scores

  2. Based on this evaluation, a future academic plan will be established based on the needs of the individual.

  3. Academic mentorship may include:

    1. Adjustment of the student schedule to meet NCAA requirements

    2. A variety of hands-on strategies to raise school GPA

    3. A variety of hands-on strategies to raise test scores

    4. Individual mentorship to stress the importance of academic performance

A student-athlete can be an excellent performer in the classroom and find themselves in danger of not being academically eligible for a variety of reasons.  STRIVE 365 will work with athletes and their families to ensure that they and their school are doing everything possible to achieve eligibility. 

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