Athletic Mentoring

Understanding what to do and when to do it during the recruiting process is difficult.  The simple fact is that in today’s world of college recruiting, most coaches will not come to find an athlete.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to promote themselves and take the necessary steps to ensure they are discovered by schools where they have the ability to compete.  Some athletes and their families believe this promotion is the responsibility of a coach or the school.  ​

Mentoring Plan

A quick trip around the internet will show you that there are hundreds of recruiting websites offering various levels of support.  At STRIVE365 there is one plan and that is to stay with the athlete until they have enrolled in a school.  Each athlete that chooses to work with STRIVE365 will go through the following program:

The athletic mentorship that we offer will follow a specific plan:

  • Evaluate current athletic level in an individual sport

    • This evaluation will be based on the most current game film provided

    • The evaluation will be done by an expert in the given sport

    • The evaluation will provide a realistic appraisal of the level that the individual may be able to compete at in college

  • Interview with the student-athlete.  The interview will provide the evaluation information and then allow our team to assess the goals of the athlete.  Based on this interview, a realistic list of potential schools will be generated.

  • Following the interview, the athlete will be presented with a list of potential schools and a strategy for contacting each of those schools.  This strategy will be based on the individual situation of the athlete but all contact will be completed be Strive 365.  This contract will include the recruiting film provided by STRIVE365.

  • The athlete will then receive continuing support and advice throughout the recruiting process.  This support will include further strategies on self-promotion, descriptions of timelines and expectations, and support when in contact with college coaches.

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