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Strive 365 seeks to inform individual school personnel about best practices in assisting student-athletes in achieving their post-secondary goals.  Many individuals are too busy with the day-to-day requirements of their positions to stay updated on the latest NCAA requirements for athletic eligibility.  Additionally, staff members may not know what to do to ensure that student-athletes within their school have the best possible chance to be eligible for athletic competition.  As a result, Strive 365 offers a variety of services to school districts and individual personnel to ensure that the student-athletes within their schools are prepared for future success.  These services come in a variety of formats and can be changed to cater to the specific needs of schools or individuals.

Strive 365 is prepared to present relevant information based on the first-hand experience with assisting student-athletes to gain NCAA eligibility.  These seminars are designed to be delivered to either small or large groups of staff members.  We believe that the essential members of a school community for ensuring student eligibility are guidance counselors, school principals, and athletic directors.  The following seminars have been designed to meet the needs of these professionals.

Ensuring NCAA Academic Eligibility

This seminar is designed to inform school staff on the most current NCAA eligibility requirements.  These requirements are divided into three sections being course performance, core courses, and standardized test scores.  In addition to a presentation of general requirements, the seminar also addresses how schools can design their curriculum to meet the needs of student-athletes.  The workshop concludes with information on identifying potential NCAA athletes and ensuring that these individuals remain on track for future NCAA eligibility.

Becoming a STUDENT-Athlete

This seminar is designed for athletes and their caregivers.  Information presented will include steps the athlete and their caregivers can take before and during their high school experience to ensure that they are academically eligible to compete at the collegiate level.  Each presentation will be designed based on the individual school’s academic course offerings so athletes will know which courses they must take to be eligible.  Seminar participants will be presented with a timeline that should be followed to ensure eligibility.

Curriculum Evaluation

With a strong understanding of the courses required for student-athletes to become academically eligible to participate in collegiate athletics, Strive 365 can evaluate a school or school district’s curriculum.  This evaluation will ensure that the district or school is doing everything possible with course offerings to ensure that it’s student-athletes are in the best possible positions for success after graduation.  The evaluation may also include re-writing curriculum or course descriptions to align courses to NCAA expectations.

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