Recruiting Films

Many athletes today have access to their game footage.  However, access to game footage is not enough to put together a recruiting film that will catch the attention of college coaches.  Coaches look for some aspects in the recruiting films of athletes, and you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Strive365 has been creating recruiting films for athletes for over ten years that have helped countless individuals catch the attention of college coaches at all levels. 

Traditional Film

The traditional film allows athletes to showcase their talents using game footage that already exists.  With this package, the athlete supplies game footage.  This footage is then explored and the best plays are selected, arranged, and presented.  These highlights will be included in a film between 2 and 4 minutes that includes contact information for the athlete.  

Showcase Film

The showcase film is the best way for an athlete to get noticed.  In addition to traditional game footage, the film will also use footage of drills showcasing the athlete’s abilities, and possibly personalized shots of the athlete during competition.  The showcase film offers coaches a personalized perspective on the athlete that allows for their skill and ability to truly be highlighted. 

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