Student Services

Recruiting Films

A key component of getting recruited is showcasing your athletic talent.  We have the ability to produce professional recruiting films that help athletes get noticed.  In addition to producing these films, we also have the ability to get them seen by the right people.

Academic Mentoring

Navigating the NCAA requirements for athletic eligibility is not easy.  This process does not start during an athlete’s senior year.  We have the ability to review transcripts and make NCAA eligibility projections.  Additionally, for athletes who may need additional help in becoming eligible, we can create a plan that makes eligibility a reality.

Athletic Mentoring

Understanding what to do and when to do it during the recruiting process is difficult.  The simple fact is that in today’s world of college recruiting, most coaches will not come to find an athlete.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to promote themselves and take the necessary steps to ensure they are discovered by schools where they have the ability to compete.  Strive 365 has the ability to mentor athletes through the recruiting process to assist them in attending the school that is the best fit for them.

Athlete Bio Form

Please download the athlete bio form, complete it, and return it to

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